Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Just some fun pics

So, this post doesn't have any interesting information, I just wanted to share some of these priceless moments with you all.

Some Recent Events

So, another really cool thing that has happened since the last posting is my little brother Matt got married and my whole family was able to fly back and be there for the wedding. Aaron and I were so grateful to be able to go and that Matt waited for us to start the ceremony even though we were an HOUR late. (Curse D.C. traffic!!!) We were also able to go tour a little of D.C. which was cool for Aaron since he had never been there before. It was an eventful trip, of which I will spare the details, but I am so excited for Matt and Kimberly and so happy we were able to be a part of it. Oh, and all of the dance classes that Matt took in college definitely paid off...I'm thinking of putting his little shenanigan on YouTube.

Also, Jonah graduated from ABC/123 pre-school. He had a great year. He had so much fun and made some friends and all around had a wonderful experience. He absolutely loved it, which is the most important thing.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Its About Time!!!

OK, so alot has happened since my last blog entry and I will try to catch everyone up without being long about it. First of all, we did have a new baby born into our family on February 11, 2010. It was a baby boy we named Micah Raymond Butterfield the middle name was after my father and grandfather). The first name was Aaron's pick and I wasn't even a fan, but for some reason when he came out and we saw him we both knew his name would be Micah even though we had some other favorites on the table. So, I'm still getting used to it, but we know it was the right one to choose. He came out 9lbs. 3 oz. and has not stopped growing since (his nickname was Moose when he was born). He even gained weight in the hospital. Today he is 4 months old and sits at a whopping 19 lbs. So, I didn't have a little baby for long and boy are my arms tired. He has a very sweet personality unless he is bored or tired and then he gets angry and roars. He talks more than any of my other babies and will tell his dad all kinds of stories when he holds him (as you see in the one video, he also gives him other surprises as well). Yes, apparently he is what they call a "happy puker" even though I'm not sure he's that happy about it. Jonah and Anya adore him and are so good with him. So, here are a few pics and videos to show you the little tyke.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

It's Christmas!

So, as some of you already know, we didn't go to NY for the holidays for the first time in I don't know how long, so we actually got to decorate our house and enjoy Christmas at home in CA. It was about 60 degrees and sunny and it was oh so nice, although very weird without the snow. The kids had a wonderful Christmas, and got everything they wanted and then some, mostly because of "Santa" who apparently has relocated to Afghanistan temporarily. He must be trying to bring them the Christmas spirit so everyone can be happy and our families can come home. Anyway, while opening presents there were many comments from Jonah like, "This is the best Christmas ever!" and "I'm so lucky!" and "It's just what I wanted!" So, I'm glad he was grateful and excited, but I fear all of my emphasis on serving and giving I tried to concentrate on throughout the beginning of the month was lost. Oh well, there is always next year. Well, here are a few choice photos.

Playing Catch Up

So, I don't think I've posted since September...so for a quick synopsis of the highlights of the last 4 months. Here are a few ditties...(I apologize if the order of pictures to text is reversed...I still don't have this thing figured out).

In October to celebrate the Halloween Festivities, Jonah had a field trip to a pumpkin patch. You can see him here with his class. It was rainy and muddy that day, but we still got to do some fun things, including shooting a corn cannon.

Speaking of corn, corn on the cob has become a favorite of Anya’s and it is quite comical how well she can eat one. She is also good at eating Cream of Wheat and Spaghetti. She slurps better than I do!

Some other things Anya enjoys doing are coloring…that can keep her attention for like 15 minutes (which is huge for Anya), reading, and dancing with her brother (she copies all of his rad moves…or at least tries to.) Sometimes she just likes to sit and watch TV with her brother (for like 5 minutes).

For Halloween this year, Jonah was Spiderman and Anya chose to be a bee (which was really cool because we already had a bee costume from Jonah when he was that age.) So, when it cam time for Aaron and I to dress up, I decided to make a quick spider costume with a big hourglass on my growing belly and Aaron was a beekeeper. Not too fancy, but for something thrown together in half an hour, I think it was pretty good.

So, there is no real story that goes with the picture of Jonah vacuuming out the car, but I just wanted to show off what a good helper my little man is. What a stud!

We also got to take an awesome trip to Utah to see one of our favorite families get sealed together in the temple. We bought a minivan, then drove to Monterey, CA for a few days where we got to go to the ocean and the aquarium, then drove to UT where we got to hang out with some old friends including the Warners and the Ruanos. Here is a picture of Anya and her new best friend Zoe Warner at a pumpkin patch in UT. Then here is one of our favorite families (the Ruanos) on the day they were sealed in the temple. We were so blessed to be able to go and witness it, it was such a beautiful event.

And that catches us up to Christmas pretty much…

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Anya, My Little Personality

Now Anya has developed quite the personality. In fact, I think I've caught a glimpse of what I'm going to be dealing with when she is a teenager and frankly I'm a little nervous. But she is so darn cute and she has so much personality I can't help but just laugh at her most of the time now. The one good thing is she seems to have a desire to help mom, so hopefully she keeps that up through the years. You can see that here as she is helping me to unload the dishwasher...yeah, she needs a little practice. She loves to do ANYTHING her brother does, so she is learning all sorts of tricks like somersaults and wrestling. She already climbs fairly large slides and goes down on her own (she is actually quite coordinated and careful). She also likes to read books and walk the dog (we found the perfect dog her size at a party we were at one day). She wants to try everything...she even hung from a pull up bar by herself at my father-in-laws house for about 15 seconds when she saw the bigger cousins trying to do pull ups...it was hilarious and I wish I had the picture to post. Anyway, enjoy some of these little ditties.

Jonah is a Pre-schooler

So, this September Jonah started pre-school and he was so excited to be going to school. It's funny becasue I was going to send him to one that was run out of a person's home, but he didn't want to go there becasue it wasn't at a "real" school. He definitely wants to be a big boy. So we stocked him with the necessary Spiderman lunchbox and sent him on his way and he has never looked back. When I came to pick him up the first day of school he actually glared at me. I guess there will be no tears necessary when I send him off to Kindergarten as I have so often heard of other moms and their kids. It made me kind of sad, but I'm glad he is enjoying himself so much. He is learning to write his letters and to write him name. He has actually known how to write his name since he was two, but now he is learning to write it in a straight line and not all over the page in 5 different sizes so that's good. He says he likes the Arts and Crafts part of school the most. I personally think he just likes to use scissors becasue he is always cutting things up. He also started soccer about the same time and loved that too. Although, when I tried to get him to practice at home he said, "why, I;m already really good." So now we have to work on humility. Anyway, he is actually quite good at ball handling and he is a good listener. So, that is the update on my little man.